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I am Dexter Proudfoot, author, editor and publisher. I welcome you to my website. You are free to surf it, but that's not to say you have free access to all the content - some of it, yes, but not everything.  Treat it like walking around a department store; it costs nothing to come in, look around, get a taste of what's available and try a few free samples. But, you weren't really expecting to get everything for nothing, were you?  It takes money to create, update and maintain a website like this. So, if you want to have access to all the content I ask you to put your hand in your pocket and become a Friend of PocoLocoWorld.com.

But, don't worry, this site is probably the best value in all of cyberspace. For a one-time payment of just £20 you get a lifetime's unrestricted access to the entire website. That's right - a small one-time payment for a lifetime of fun and entertainment.

The ridiculously low price is not some sort of con. It's just that after well over 30 years (and counting) in the adult industry I have a lot to share with you. This is more of a vanity project than a serious attempt to make money. However, fun as it is, I cannot afford to subsidize it all on my own. So, please, become a Friend of PocoLocoWorld.com and support this really good cause.

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