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From its origins as Poco Loco Magazine this website has evolved into its current  form featuring content from the erotic to the pornographic  and promising that whatever your particular fad, fetish, kink or perversion there is something here for you.


Some small minded bastard has complained to Paypal about the content of this website. PayPal have permanently closed my account and I can no longer process any new sign-ups to the site. So as from 31st December 2018 PocoLocoWorld.com will be taken down from the Internet.


I am Dexter Proudfoot, Publisher and Editor of this website. Together with my good friend Veronica “Ronnie” Havecock and our  team of dedicated writers, photographers and humorists it is my pleasure to bring you the very best good adult fun - and a fine eclectic mix it is, too!
Not just the most explicit and sexciting adult stories, but a veritable pornucopia of glamour, erotica, pornography and, of course, humour.  Whatever your particular fad, fetish, kink or perversion you will find plenty here to entertain and stimulate you - from between your legs to between your ears you will thrill to sparkling titillation and downright raunch.
PocoLocoWorld.com is the distillation of over thirty years of my experience in the crazy world of uninhibited adult entertainment.  In that time I’ve enjoyed many things that are really good and deserve to be shared – things that reflect the best in adult erotica (pornography, really) and humour. So, here is my eclectic, iconoclastic, idiosyncratic collection of good adult fun that I want to share with you.
There is so much here for you to read, look at and enjoy without having to put your hand deep in your pocket. Although with the range of material on this site you won’t be able to keep your hands out of your pockets for long!
Seriously, though, this is all a lot of light-hearted fun. This website is for those of us that enjoy life to the full and love sex even more. Whether you are straight, a little kinky, or even very kinky, you will enjoy all that is on offer.
This website is more of a vanity project than a serious attempt to make money. In fact I give away half of each month's income in a free sweepstake. So, although it costs £5 to access the site for a month you stand to win many times that back in prize money.
It’s great value and provides you with a cornucopia of unique pornographic reading and photography unlike anything you will find anywhere else – online or off.


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