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I am Dexter Proudfoot, author, editor and publisher. I welcome you to my website. You are free to surf it, but that's not to say you have free access to all the content - some of it, yes, but not everything.  Treat it like walking around a department store; it costs nothing to come in, look around, get a taste of what's available and try a few free samples. You can even enter the super TV DATING RAFFLE without becoming a Friend of PocoLocoWorld.com - but if you do sign up as a Friend I will give you an extra free ticket for every raffle ticket you buy. What a bonus!

Anyway, you weren't really expecting to get everything for nothing, were you?  It takes money to create, update and maintain a website like this. So, if you want to have access to all the content, read the very rude stories and join in the puzzles, games etc. you are asked to put your hand in your pocket and become a Friend of PocoLocoWorld.com.  But, don't worry, this site is probably the best value in all of cyberspace. For a one-time payment of just £20 you get a lifetime's unrestricted access to the entire website and Friend's bonuses. That's right - a small one-time payment for a lifetime of fun and entertainment.

The ridiculously low price is not some sort of con. It's just that after well over 30 years (and counting) in the adult industry I have a lot to share with you. This is more of a vanity project than a serious attempt to make money. However, fun as it is, I cannot afford to subsidize it all on my own. So, please, become a Friend of PocoLocoWorld.com and support this really good cause.

Now pop over to the BECOME A FRIEND page to sign-up and start enjoying a lifetime of unrestricted access to great free-thinking, grown-up features, stories and entertainment.












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